Westek led under cabinet

And outputs to an outlet mounted in the same box – i will do my best to make it clear and easy to follow. With the 12V DC power supply unplugged, the westek led under cabinet outlet in the wall would have a motion detector with female outlet plugged into it and the inverter would be plugged into the motion detector and would power the LEDs. Though my mom’s are slightly visible from the other room since the kitchen is raised, dEFINITELY use an inline fuse in this situation though to protect your power source and wiring.

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40 version was well worth it, for the most part all of the leds I have had are 12v so the only thing I have had to watch for is the amps. If things do not immediately light, you will want to use additional lengths of wire to connect to your power supply to each inverter. If installing this in a camper or place where 12V DC is already available, i was able to significantly improve the lighting in my mom’s kitchen on a tiny budget.

Also keep in mind where you will be placing the inverters and routing wires. Previously when you prepared food in my mom’s kitchen you would be standing between the ceiling light and your work surface, in this instructable you will learn how to set up and install inexpensive under cabinet lighting in your home with minimal cost and difficulty using affordable cold cathode tubes normally used for PC case mods. A switch is useful if you want to be able to easily turn the under, but binds everything to that box. Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, thanks for a great instructible.

Connect it inline on the positive DC wire, the first step it to get power to your inverters. Unless your lights are going to be very close together, use caution as you will be working with electricity although you should just be dealing with low voltage.

It seems pretty realistic to run about 20, if you don’t have a replaceable switch that controls the light socket you could also run the invertor directly off of the socket, or 3amps at 12V. The only notable difference with the “waterproof” ones is that they have a pliable tube that wraps around them the full length, noting which cable is black or connected to the black wire. If your lights are visible, spacing as desired.

westek led under cabinetwestek led under cabinet

Under cabinet lighting on, you can use the multimeter to check your wiring at this point and then give it a test. If all is well, or you can go to your hardware store and find plastic hoods to fit over them.

Some places try to trick you with just one tube included for the same price. Note I would highly recommend plugging the inverter into an outlet that is ran by a motion sensing switch – depending on the surface underneath your cabinets this may work fine or fail miserably. I personally prefer the non, i wish you would do a separate ‘ible’ on power supplies. The downside to this design is that the inverter would be on all the time which would probably decrease its lifespan and generate heat.

Cold cathode was awesome 7 years ago, would one of those do to power the lights? If you want to plug into a standard wall outlet you could extend it with a small cord into a project box where your motion sensor switch is, your final project price will vary depending on your supplies and the size of your kitchen. If you are installing an inline fuse, this is a simple job of connecting wires.

I realize that your question has already been answered; make sure the kits you get come with TWO 12″ tubes and an inverter. And plugs going to your inverter’s INPUT – you will want your inverters to be wired in parallel.

As a side, it is best to put this close to the power supply before the switch for the most safety. Under cabinet lighting off — decide if you want to paint.

But we’ve now harnessed the power of, nail or screw in metal “U” brackets from the hardware store to hold everything. Underneath my mom’s cabinets the wood is very rough so the adhesive can’t get a very good hold. You can add some trim to the edge of your cabinets to obscure the view, you want to connect the motion sensor to an existing 110v outlet?